Happy New Year guys

I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year.

After Boxing Day I always get the urge to take the Christmas tree down and get the house back to normal (is anyone else like this or is it just me). It’s also a time to try and find new homes for all the presents we got (mainly Oscar’s toys!!).  Jason didn’t want to wait until after New Year’s Eve so I decided to sort my beauty/ spare room out first.

Where we have recently decorated our bedroom, we moved a lot of the old furniture into the other room and the old wardrobe still had clothes in it. Some that I haven’t worn in ages either because they are summer clothes or I hadn’t lost enough of my baby weight for some items to fit. What I wanted to use the cupboard for was to keep things like my beauty supplies in it and my sewing stuff so that when I do have clients round it’s not messy.

After two hours, two cups of tea and a pile of ‘will I, won’t I wear this top again’, I was able to completely sort out the beauty room rearrange and hideaway items I didn’t want laying about.

It felt great! I’m always so happy when it’s all done (even if at the time I’m cursing myself for doing it!). I decided that I didn’t want to clutter my new wardrobe that Jason had built in our bedroom, so I popped to the range and brought some under the bed storage boxes. I love these because they are inexpensive and I decided to put all our summer clothes in there and just leave the main things we wear at the moment in the wardrobe.

 I don’t like the cold but I do prefer winter fashion. I love the layers and accessories; matching gloves, hats and scarves, and parker jackets. I just think it’s just such a lovely look and I normally spend my evenings on Pinterest looking at look books and outfit ideas with a hot chocolate in my pjs.

As it’s the New Year it always motivates me to get organised and I defiantly want this to stick. It’s always so manic towards to end of the year, not only is it Christmas but I also have at least 9 birthdays to get sorted for! This year is also going to be a big one for Jason and I (we share our birthday too) so I want to make sure everything is all sorted and planned so I can enjoy the time, rather than stress out. I been looking at organisers and diaries, there’s just so many I need to decide which one I like best.

What are your new year resolutions please leave a comment to let me know. I would love to hear!

Thanks for reading .

Sarah xx


  1. Great article to read Sarah with some good practical tips. My New Year’s resolution is also to get rid of clutter which seems to accumulate ..an old saying .”.come in handy gear.” But it never seems to come in handy. Wishing you good health, , happiness & success in your Beauty business in 2017


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