Being a mum, as you are aware, your time is now very limited. When Oscar was younger it was somewhat easier to get ready as he was rather happy in a bumboo chair or bouncer.

Now he is 12 months and crawling and into everything this is where things become a lot more interesing. A few things I have found helpful wen getting ready are:

The Rainforrest Jumparoo by Fisherprice

This was a gift from my parents and Oscar absolutly loves it, he has also been known to fall asleep in there which is so cute. There are adjustable straps to help change the height and adapt to Oscar as he gets older, the animals, bright colours and sounds keep Oscar entertained.

High Chair

Oscar enjoys being in his highchair (well for a certain amount of time, I’m not a terrible mother and leave him in there for hours or anything). There are a few things I do to keep Oscar enterained while in his highchair. The obvious being food, so things like rusks, banana waffers or yoghurt friuit bites keep him quiet while I sit next to him doing my make up or even try and straighten my hair.

Teddies / Toys / Wipes

Oscar has a few things he loves to play with he has Micky Mouse, Winnie the pooh (sense a Disney theme here guys) his giraffe and ball. The Disney Teddies don’t make any noise, they are simply a plush soft toy and the ball keeps him entertained as it rattles and of course with all the toys in the world Oscar finds just as much enjoyment out of a pack of wipes as he does his Micky Mouse (sorry Micky).



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