Monthly Roundup – November 2015


Monthly Roundup - November 2015

This is my first in what I hope to be a long line of monthly roundups I bring to you regarding my family, our house, the blog and any other big news that may have happened during the previous month.


The big news of November would obviously have to be the birth of my amazing little man Oscar. The labour and birth itself were, to say the least, a little traumatic but I’m so in love with him already the ordeal has long been forgotten. I hope to have a more detailed birth story up on the blog soon, as soon as I can find the time that is.

Speaking of Oscar, I can hardly believe that he is a week old already. It seems like yesterday I was cuddling up to him in the delivery ward and now he’s a happy little man at home with mummy and daddy.

Monthly Roundup – November 2015


Around the house this month we decided the turn our kitchen cupboard, that is located below the stairs, into a Pantry. Originally the cupboard was used as a dumping ground for anything and everything when we first moved in so we decided to make better use of the space and free up some room in our overflowing kitchen cupboards. Check out our detailed post on turning a cupboard into a fully functional kitchen pantry here.

Our New Kitchen Pantry Design


I started this blog in late October and so far it has been going great. I am enjoying writing posts (when I can find the time) and it has been wonderful to connect with so many other mummy, family and lifestyle bloggers. It has been a little difficult gaining followers on a few of the social media platforms but I suppose it is the same for every new blog.

I have kept track of my all my followers across the different social media platforms and each month I will be updating the graph so you can see the rise (and hopefully not fall) of my followers. This should act as a handy comparison guide for new bloggers like myself to determine which social media, platforms may be the best to concentrate on.

Family Home Project on Social Media

  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Youtube
  • Bloglovin'

As you can see Instagram and Pinterest have both been amazing at finding new followers. This is likely because I am the most active on these two platforms. Picture orientated social media such as these two are great for a blog like mine where sharing pictures of little Oscar make for easy likes.

The other social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Youtube have been much less successful. So in December I will try to lessen my addiction to Instagram and Pinterest and work on gaining followers to my other accounts. Make sure you check out the December Roundup to see if I was successful.

Plans for next month

Around the house Jason and his brother are busy converting our garage into a home gym so expect a post about it on the blog soon. We will also be celebrating our birthdays on 4th December, Jason and I are the exact same age, so we was very happy Oscar decided to come when he did on the 26th November, as we would have hated to have a whole family birthday. At least with a week in between he will always have his own special day.


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