So, on 26th November Oscar turned one, this past year has gone so fast it’s scary but I wouldn’t change a thing.

What Oscar can do now he is 12-Months-old.

  • Clap hands (he was a little late in the game doing this but there is no stopping him now)
  • First word Mum (yes take that daddy he he), he can now say dadda, up and bye bye I’m currently trying to get him to say hi or hiya but we will see
  • He loves blowing raspberries
  • As I write this he currently has 5 teeth.
  • Still obsessed with baby TV, he has certain programs he will sit and watch and laugh to. The rest of the time he is off causing mischief
  • He can crawl and walk round furniture and he can climb up the stairs (he’s very quick too. Eyes in the back of my head are always needed) If you forget to close the stair gate he makes a bee line for the stairs

So we decided to throw Oscar a little party for his birthday and he had a great time even though he won’t remember any of it. I was so pleased how everything turned out and very grateful for all his amazing gifts (now I just need to find a place to put them all ha-ha ).

oscars-12-month-update-1A few days before Oscar’s birthday I had him booked in for a cake Smash with an amazing photographer called Louise Worthy. I had never really heard of a cake smash before then my cousin Jessica had one done for her little girl and loved it. Oscar had a great time I don’t think he could quite believe that he could sit there and eat cake.

oscars-12-month-update-2I found this lovely chalkboard on Instagram and I thought it was such a lovely way to remember things at this time of his life, as let’s face it things change weekly. I borrowed the lightbox from my friend Katie I always think they are great for pictures (I always see them a lot on Instagram) and the I am one banner was from ebay.

oscars-12-month-update-1I was so happy with how the pictures turned out. I would highly recommend getting a cake smash done.

We had the party at home but I was still surprised how much it cost thankfully I got a lot of the stuff each month and spread the cost so it was not too bad, I got a lot of stuff from amazon and ebay. I did also get Oscar a cake made in Baby TV theme and it was amazing and tasted amazing too Jason and I pretty much lived off it for about a week after haha.



  1. So nice to hear of the progress Oscar is making and he is such a dear little boy . It is amazing what a baby achieves in his first year .. Enjoyed reading the latest update on your family home project.


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