I can’t actually believe that I am writing this! It really doesn’t seem like 2 minutes ago that my little squishy was born. I had always heard people say how quickly it goes, but I can’t believe how true that really is.

Oscar's 6 Month Update (1)So fairly recently we have had a few milestones in Oscar’s live. He is now able to sit up, although he is still a little wobbly so I always make sure there is a pillow or one of us behind him. It is like looking after a tiny drunk person, the concentration on his face at times to make sure he doesn’t fall is always very amusing.

He has also started to eat food. He’s mainly on purees at the moment as we just want to see what sort of things he is in to and whether or not he has any allergies (which so far we have found out seems to be apples which is in almost every baby food you can find!).

Oscar's 6 Month Update (2)He still finds comfort in a bottle, so he’s not having a great deal of solid food as he kicks off a lot. We brought some of the Hipp organic pots, we tried a few other brands but Oscar seemed to enjoy these the most, once I know which flavours he likes I can start making my own and freezing it.

Oscar's 6 Month Update (3)Rolling over is now his favourite thing to do, he has actually been able to do this since he was 4 months old, the minute you lay him down he flips himself over (which when it comes to changing his nappy this is always fun).

His latest thing to do is roll on to his front and rock or what looks like hump the floor ha-ha. He can’t quiet crawl yet but he can push himself backwards and turn round in a circle I do not think it will be long before he’s crawling which is when the real fun begins.

Oscar's 6 Month Update (4)Oscar really loves to watch Baby TV (on sky its channel 623). I don’t let him veg in front of it 24-7 but he does have a few favourites like Hungry Henry , Big Bugs Band and the Post Train. It’s so sweet when his little face lights up when one of these shows comes on. The awkward moment is when Oscar has fallen asleep or isn’t even paying attention and I’m having a quick coffee break (hot or cold ) and I find myself still watching or singing along.

Oscar's 6 Month Update (5)Oscar is having a rough time with his teething at the moment, the teeth haven’t cut through yet but they are under the gums. We have found the water teether’s are great for him as is the Sophie teether, but most of the time it’s his hands that go straight into his mouth.

I so proud of my little man and he is learning every day. Its amazing how something so small can completely flip your life (and house) upside down but I would have it any other way.



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