Our First Family Home

We hope you like the colour yellow!


For the past 7 years we have lived in a 2 bedroom flat close to a busy train station, and while it was great for a young couple with no commitments, with a baby on the way we really wanted to find our first family home that we could make our own.

So with Sarah’s belly getting bigger everyday we were on a deadline to find a place that not only had enough room to accommodate our growing family needs, but also one that was in a nice quiet area and perhaps most importantly be affordable.

With Sarah spending night after night on Zoopla and Rightmove, and after a couple of viewings we were less than impressed with, after about a month we finally found our first Family Home. For £181,000 we were able to purchase this 3 Bedroom, link detached house in a quiet Essex neighbourhood. With decently sized front and rear gardens, and a great primary school only 5 minutes away (the same one Jason actually went to) we had found our new home.

So join us now on a tour through our first family home. These are shots of the house from the estate agents website (before we moved in) and show the starting point for our home improvements and therefore also this blog. We will be sharing all the little and big projects we undertake to make this house our home on this blog, so be sure to subscribe to never miss a post and follow us on your favourite social media to stay right up-to-date with any of our goings on.

Front View

The view of the house from the road. The blue garage is ours as is the blue back gate that you can just about make out on the opposite side of the house.

Our First Family Home (1)

Rear View

A view of the back of the house looking from the end of the garden. The white PVC door leads to the utility room, the glazed sliding door to the dining room and the side passage leads to the previously mention blue back gate. The small building to the right with blue double doors is actually a small workshop.

Our First Family Home (2)


A view of the garden from the utility room door. Here you can see the brick patio, lawn with a central brick planter and also a wooden garden shed right at the very back.

Our First Family Home (3)

Living Room

A view of the living room from our kitchen. We hope you like Yellow! The white door leads to our entrance hallway and front door, and the dining room is located off the right hand side of the picture. We really loved the solid wood flooring and dark fireplace in this room.

Our First Family Home (4)

Living Room View 2

The living room from the entrance hallway. Here you can see the entrance way to the kitchen (where the dogs are) and also the archway to the dining area.

Our First Family Home (5)

Dining Room

A view of the dining room from the living room. More yellow in here and you can also see garden through the glazed sliding doors.

Our First Family Home (6)


A view of the kitchen from the living room. A pretty bog standard kitchen but it was a decent size and showed lots of potential for future improvement.

Our First Family Home (7)

Kitchen View 2

Another view of our kitchen this time showing the door to the utility room.

Our First Family Home (8)

Utility Room

We have a yellow living room, dining room and kitchen so we may as well carry the theme through to the utility room to right. Here you can see the location of the boiler as well as a counter and spaces for washing machines etc.

Our First Family Home (10)


The yellow continues upstairs to the landing. This picture is taken from our bathroom, looking towards our third bedroom.

Our First Family Home (11)


Perhaps the only room in the house that doesn’t need much work done to it. Although Jason would absolutely kill for a shower and the carpeted floor is just a bit weird for a bathroom, so it may have to go soon.

Our First Family Home (12)

Bedroom 1

The main bedroom of the house, not much to say here really, at least it wasn’t bright yellow.

Our First Family Home (16)

Bedroom 2

The dreaded yellow returns in Bedroom 2 and this time its brought back up in the form of some gold coving.

Our First Family Home (13)

Bedroom 2 View 2

A view out the window of bedroom 2 overlooking our garden and the fields behind. The fields are mainly used by dog walkers or as a shortcut to other housing estates.

Our First Family Home (14)

Bedroom 3

The smallest bedroom in the house, which as you can see will just about fit a single bed. There is however a decently sized storage cupboard to the left of the picture. We have since turned this room into a kick ass little nursery for the little man so expect a post about this soon.

Our First Family Home (15)

We hope you enjoyed the tour of our new family home. As you can see there is a lot of work that needs to be done and we will be sharing our improvements, big and small, every step of the way. Make sure you subscribe to the blog and follow us on social media to never miss a an update.

What do you think about our first family home, let us know in the comments below.



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