Our New Kitchen Pantry Design


Our New Kitchen Pantry Design

So we have been living in our house for around 4 months now and already we have done a lot (loads more posts coming soon), Jason has defiantly picked up the DIY bug (I think they know him in his local Screw fix).

Like most of you I’m a huge Pinterest addict (make sure you follow us by the way) and spend countless evenings pinning and repinning kitchen designs, craft ideas and baby clothes. But my latest obsession has been beautifully designed and highly useful kitchen pantries.

The cupboard in our kitchen located underneath our stairs, when we first moved in was quickly used up as a dumping space where we stored:

  • Hoover
  • Bags
  • Boxes
  • Ironing board
  • Paint cans
  • Mop
  • and various other crap we decided to throw in there

The cupboard already had two shelves built in from the previous owner it and was a bit grotty, had marks on the walls and had a huge amount of dog hairs laying around everywhere, and I mean everywhere. How they got dog hairs lodges stuck on the ceiling I will never know.

Due to a car crash I had in early October (I may post about it soon) we decided that I would go on Maternity leave earlier (baby welsh is absolutely fine). Being 7 and half months pregnant and suffering with back problems from the crash I needed something to do before I went nuts so I decided to have a sort out in the cupboard and bin anything I no longer needed I.e. boxes, paint testers etc.

Here’s how our kitchen pantry looked with all the crap removed and before we started work on it.

With everything removed the next thing that needed to go was the old shelves themselves. With the shelves now gone you can see we have a lot of potential to work with. The next job was to fill in the holes and cracks with Polyfilla. Once the Polyfilla has dried make sure you sand it down and level it off with the wall so you can paint over it easily.

With all cracks filled and sanded, and the floor given a good clean. We needed to paint the skirting boards, ceiling and walls. For the ceiling and skirting board we went with the traditional white and for the walls we choose Magnolia. We went with Magnolia because it provided a clean, spacious look and mainly because we had some left over after painting our hallway (anything had to be better than the dreaded Yellow).

For the new pantry shelves we decided to have four shelves up the right hand wall decreasing in size as the ceiling sloped with the stairs above. Jason got 8 simple 100mm x 125mm white shelving brackets, 2 for each shelf, and some runs of white furniture board, 152mm wide to fit in the gap of the wall and door frame.

Jason measured and cut the furniture board to size using his power saw and drilled holes into the wall with the portable drill. Using some wall plugs he secured the brackets to the wall with 3.5mm x 40mm screws and used smaller 3.5mm x 12mm screws to secure the brackets to the board. Using the trusted spirit level to make sure the shelves were even and the main feature of the pantry was finished.

We were getting fed up with hanging our coats on the end of the stairs banister and wanted somewhere we could put them out of the way, so I found a pretty white coat hook rack from Homebase and Jason secured it to the wall using a couple of wall plugs and screws again.

Finally we needed somewhere we could put all out household items such as the duster, broom and dust pan and brush, without the pantry becoming cluttered. I found this awesome cupboard organiser thingy that has hooks to hang stuff from and some spaces that can hold items with handles such as the broom and mop easily and securely. Jason put this on the inside of the pantry door and I think it looks great.

With the main parts of our new pantry complete there were just a few finishing touches we wanted to add. The old cream kitchen door looked a bit dull compared to the white skirting and ceiling we just painted so we decided to brighten it up with a fresh coat of white. We also removed the old plain door handle with this Crystal Maze inspired handle (Jason used to love that show). Finally we needed somewhere to hang our keys, so I dug up these crafty cupcake key hooks I have had laying round for ages and our new kitchen pantry design was complete.

Our New Kitchen Pantry Design (27)

What do you think of our new kitchen pantry design? How have you organised yours and what items do you keep in it? Let us know in the comments below.


    • Hi Maria,

      Our new Pantry has given us so much more storage space we hardly have anything left in our kitchen cupboards anymore, maybe we should get a few more gadgets too, to fill them up. Jason is more the Chef between the two of us so I’m sure he would love that. Your blog is great, I will show him later so he can get some recipe ideas.



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