Our Simple Landing Window Rejuvenation


After painting our living, Dining and Hallways to remove the unimaginable amount of soul-depressing yellow, we needed a simple but elegant way of sprucing up our upstairs landing window.

Our Simple Landing Window RejuvenationThe previous home owner had left this tattered, starry night blind behind and as well as looking more than a little worn out, it didn’t do too good a job of blocking out unwanted light from the outside or protecting our privacy inside.

Our Simple Landing Window Rejuvenation (2)

After removing the old blind and giving the window a thorough cleaning, we had a blank slate from which to start our own window design. We picked up a DIY 25mm Wooden Venetian Blind from Dunelm for around £20 and installed it at the top of the window easily using a couple of wall plugs and screws to secure the brackets, the blind itself then slips in and out of the brackets effortlessly, but don’t worry it stays perfectly put when in use.

With the blind installed, we needed some finshes touches to brighten up the space. Sarah is much better at the detailed design touches than I am and she found an elegant faux flower and vase from homebase as well as a ‘Light up my life’ plaque from Etsy. These little finishes combined with our oak side table really brought our new upstairs window landing to life.

Our Simple Landing Window Rejuvenation (3)

What do you think of our simple landing window rejuvenation? What would you have done differently? Let us know in the comments below.


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