Let’s face it, teething isn’t fun for any of us and as a parent all you want to do is take the pain away.

Poor Oscar got a high temperature Boxing Day evening that lasted till about midday the next day. Thankfully we had Calpol on hand to keep his temperature at bay.

Oscar always seems to get a cold when he is teething, so after the few days of sleepless nights because of the pain we are shortly followed with sleepless nights of un upset little man because he can’t breathe through his nose and have a dummy in his mouth at the same time (which he likes at night). It’s so heartbreaking seeing them in pain and you feel so helpless as there’s not much you can really do.

I was willing to give anything a go and these are the things I did try to help take the teething pain away.

Amber Beads

I have to get the next size up of these but I did find them very useful and effective when Oscar was a lot younger, you have to be very careful where you get them from as there are fake ones. There are a number of places you can get them such as Amazon, Ebay as well as the Amber Beads website.

Teething Granules

I have only recently discovered these, as my friend had recommended them to me. I brought the Nelsons Tetha Teething Granules from Amazon, you get 24 ready-dosed sachets which you can pour into their mouth and I found it was effective rather quickly, they are also a homeopathic medicinal product such as the amber beads.

Aloe Vera Gel

I was recommended this by a fellow mummy but sadly this didn’t seem to work to well for Oscar (works great as an after sun though, Jason is very pale so any sun turns him a lovely red colour ha ha).

Calpol Vapour Plug in

I literally cant spread the word about this enough. I’m So pleased I found it, it was suggested to me by my friend Georgia she had seem it on Mrs Meldrum’s YouTube videos. It worked absolute wonders for us the first night we used it as we got a full night’s sleep, which none of us have had in a few weeks. I got ours for £5 from Tesco but I have since found out they are cheaper in B&Ms.


I started with this but found Oscar used to like the flavour and lick it off (ha ha funny kid who does that) so found it was very good for him.

Extra Clothes

We have a Gro Thermometer in his room and his room is always 18/19 but we have recently found that he has been waking up crying, which after a few attempts of is he hungry (giving him a bottle) trying to rock him back off or even putting him in our bed (which I don’t like to make a habit of but hey when you need sleep your prepared to do anything!!!) Oscar is an active sleeper (another reason I prefer he doesn’t sleep in our bed in fear of getting hit in the face by Oscar, this has happened before ha ha) so even thou he has a blanket it doesn’t last and hes hates being in a gro bag which is a shame as I’ve heard nothing but great things and he used to love them when he was younger. The other night I put him in a vest, baby grow and then a little wool jacket. Nothing to thick or restrictive and he slept through.

I am in no way telling anyone this is what they should do, as let’s face it every baby is different. I just wanted to share what I have tried and tested as I like to read about different suggestions myself. Sometimes it can feel like you have parenting down then all of a sudden your back a stage one and you can feel useless (well I can anyway).

Comment below any tips or advice you have found works, I would love to hear!

Sarah xx


  1. Enjoyed reading your latest news on Oscar’s development & the different tips you share with all the young Mums. There is always something new to learn with bringing up children


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