Family Home Project (1)Hi everyone! Sorry it has been such a long time since we have put a blog post up. As you all know we now have our little man Oscar, he is already 5 Months old which I can’t believe how quickly this has gone.

Motherhood / The Birth

I absolutely love being a mum, Oscar brings me so much joy everyday (even when he is crying and I haven’t had much sleep). One of the reasons we have been quiet on the blog is his birth didn’t exactly go smoothly.

I was over a week late already so had to have a sweep , later that day I went into labour. I started my contractions around 1pm, called Jason and he came home from work, while I got in the bath as this was the only place I could get comfortable.

I went to Hospital at 8 o’clock only to be sent home (which was so disheartening), so after another 5 hours of being ridiculously hot on a ball trying to stay as comfortable as possible, I just couldn’t take anymore so we went back to the Hospital.

Family Home Project (2)Jason and I had been going to Hypnobirthing lessons, which Jason hated but I found that it really kept me calm throughout the labour, as in the end it was 18 hours of hell. I had been in and out of the birthing pool which I didn’t intend on using but as I found it so comfortable. I was so glad it was there along with gas and air, which was like having 5 glasses of wine.

It got to about 7-7.30am and he still wasn’t here by this point, I was so tired and uncomfortable so it was at this point the midwives called ambulance and we was taken to another hospital 40 minutes away. I ended up being rushed into surgery and having an emergency c section. I stayed in hospital for a few days before being sent home with a number of pain killers, injections and some very sexy socks to stop blood clots! Recovery took me longer than I thought it would but it’s probably because I find it hard to sit still and not do anything, even now I still have a numb and tender tummy.

December / Christmas

Family Home Project (5)It seems very strange talking about Christmas when we are nearly in the summer but hey only 225 days till Christmas 2016 ha ha (I’m sorry).

As you may or may not know December is always a busy month for Jason and I, as we share the same birthday. With Oscar being born a week before our birthday, this year we didn’t really feel like it was our birthday ( not that it does when you get older anyway ) but with the lack of sleep and adjusting to being new parents our main focus was Oscar.

We also have a number of family members that have birthdays in December too, although thankfully I was somewhat organised and brought a lot of the presents before Oscar was born.

Family Home Project (6)As we had not long moved in to the house I was so excited to be having our first Christmas as a little family even though we didn’t have Christmas day at ours.

This year was nice as we got to spread Christmas over a few days,  my parents went away this year so Christmas day for us, with them, my sister, her boyfriend  and also my  grandparents, was the 20th December. This meant we spent Christmas day at Jason’s family, which is when we found out Oscar is going to have a little cousin due in June. Oscar was just under a month old he pretty much slept the whole time, it was lovely and of course we all eat and drank so much.

We celebrated new years eve at my brother in laws, he had a little house party which worked well for us with Oscar, who slept through the whole thing, even the fireworks at midnight.

I am so excited for 2016 and all the new experience we will get with Oscar and the changes we make to the house.



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