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Welcome to the Family Home ProjectHello everyone! Welcome to our new little blog called the Family Home Project. We are Jason and Sarah two young millennials who just purchased our first family home and are expecting our first baby (a little boy) in November.

This blog will follow our journey as we take on DIY home improvements and the joys (or should that be struggles) of raising our first child. We also like to take on and demostrate different small projects from time to time (with Sarah being more arts and crafts, and Jason being more techy) hence the name Family Home Project.


As I mentioned before, Sarah and I are expecting our first baby, a little boy, on the 19th November and we couldn’t be more excited (perhaps a little scared too). Follow our blog as we chronicle our experiences of raising our first child. Along the way we will be reviewing what works in terms of parenting, the products we’ve used and where we go for the best family days out.

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We’ve already lived in a flat for around 7 years but in July of 2015 we purchased our very first family home and we’re extremely excited about the prospect of making it our own (which is handy really, as it requires a lot of redecorating). Follow our blog as we tackle home improvement after home improvement. From completely renovating our Living and Dining room to tearing up the garden and adding the little details that really make a house a home.

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In between the many home improvements we’re planning to undertake and the countless sleepless nights that I’m sure we will experience from our little bundle of joy. We also hope to bring you step by step guides to completing a variety of small projects such as home arts and crafts, technological and hacker builds, and even tips on web design and blogging itself.

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So there you have it. The three main areas of our new blog explained. Hopefully you’ll stick around for a while, leave a comment below if you want to say hello.



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